How to Keep Your Produce Fresher, Longer

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Photo via 2blog media.

By Cody Frank

You were proud of yourself for all the fresh fruits and veggies you bought, but the next thing you know, you have to throw half of it away before the week is out. Sigh, why does this happen? Here are some tips to avoid all that waste and heartache.


Purchase produce that is in season. Fruits and vegetables that are not in season will have a shorter lifespan. Adding to that, sweeter items don’t last that long .


When storing your produce it’s best to store it as cold as possible. Especially if you want to delay it’s ripening. Storing in the fridge for a couple days will temporarily freeze the ripening. Some fruits and veggies have tricks.  For example, store mushrooms in a paper bag, and asparagus on a wet paper towel.


Remember when eating produce you want it to be around room temperature. It’s recommended to remove produce from the fridge a couple hours ahead of time to get the full flavor when serving.


Photo via Spark People

Thank you to Women’s Health Magazine, Spark People, and mom’s everywhere. 

Cover photo via Roma Foods.

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