Purrrfect Cateye Trends for Fall

By Jadée Nikita

Experiment with your cateye looks this season, and go from basic to breathtaking with a few simple adjustments.

Hypnotizing Blues

Mesmerize the crowd with your electric gaze and spice up that ordinary cateye with a cobalt blue liner applied neatly on top of the black.  This look is great for gyal’s of all eye colors.  I recommend Makeup Forever’s, Aqua Line collection in turquoise blue.

blue cateye

Photo via Pinterest

Golden Eye

Create this glamourous look by applying a thin line of your favorite golden eyeliner from the inner corner of your eyes and extend out to meet the liner on your upper lid.  My favorite gold liner is by URBAN DECAY

gold cateye

Photo via Pinterest


Stage Cateye

Looking for a cateye that’s easy to apply, works on all skin tones, and has the right amount of dramatic flare for dance performances?  Then you’ll want to try this one out.  For some extra oomph, dab a bit of red glitter on top of the red shadow to really make those eyes pop!  Checkout these vibrant cosmetic glitters from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics!

Photo via Makeup by Siryn

Photo via Makeup by Siryn

Learn how to get the perfect cateye from makeup master, Jean Paul Gaultier, here!

Cover photo via Beautee Kisses
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