Best Workouts for Every Level of Fatigue

By Cody Frank

You’re exhausted and not in the mood for your daily work out. You are thinking, do I have to work out today? Can I get through it? Below are some tips to understand what is the best work out for your tiredness.

DO: Take it easy. Go for a brisk walk, take a yoga class, or some ping pong. Light workouts are the key so your body can have movement and still recover.

IF: You are working out too much. (You had how many rehearsals & auditions this week?)

DO: Take a nap instead. That cat nap will help you be more aware for the remainder of your day.

IF: You only had a couple hours of sleep the night before.

DO: A short high-intensity work out.  This will increase your energy and zest for life.

IF: You’ve been sitting all day.

DO: Increase your energy with some form of physical activity.  Believe it or not, after an hour-long workout you will feel less tired.

You’re body is an amazing instrument.  Pay attention to the warning signs and signals it’s alerting you to, and learn how to make your body work more effectively throughout the day.


Photo via bp BlogSpot

Thank you to Huffington Post for the above information.

Cover photo via Our Canadian Progress. 
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