Yoga for Dancers

Photo via Blog Plos Org

By Cody Frank 

Yoga is a workout where you can calm the mind and sculpt the body at the same time. Generally, it is a excellent addition to any work out. Are you unsure about what to do at a yoga class? Dancers participating in yoga for the first time? Fear not. You have successfully lived the tale after your first dance class and audition. You can do this as well.

  • Go in with an open mind, who knows what results could happen for you? Physically or mentally.
  • First class, locate yourself in the back of the room. You will be able to follow people in the front of the room and can look to the side. In addition, you don’t have to worry about looking foolish even though that’s not an issue. You are here for yourself, not for comparison.
  • Remember, you can take a break. This isn’t a test or a competition. Yoga is rejuvenating for your body. If you feel like resting, take a break. This is not a class you have to keep on pushing through.
  • Experiment with different types of yoga classes to find the best style and teacher for you. For the daredevils there are classes in acroyoga and aerial yoga. Personally, I am a Hatha fan because it’s more about relaxing and breathing. Power yoga is a favorite among money that combines power poses and breathing in a structure. Another popular form is Bikram which is a sequence of poses in a hot room. The list goes on. 2015 Flygyal, go out there and try something new.

Thank you to for the following information: Yoga to the People, SELF, and peers. 

Cover photo via camel city yoga.

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