Vaseline Can Do This Too!

By Cody Frank

Photo via Static Guim

One of the least expensive beauty remedies out there, this little bottle packs all the punches!  For example:

  • To help earring insertion: rub a little Vaseline on your ear lobes before inserting those earrings if it’s been a minute.
  • Chapped/Dry nose: adds back moisture.
  • Tame eyebrows: will help to hold eyebrow hairs in position
  • Soothe dry cuticles: it works just as well as those expensive cuticle creams
  • Open a stubborn nail polish: before you unscrew, add a bit
  • Removing fake eyelashes: this is a lifesaver…rub a tiny bit on your lash line with a cotton ball…wait a few minutes & gently peel away
  • Removing stubborn water-proof eyeliner, mascara, or eyeshadow.
  • Highlight your cheekbones: adds a dewy finish.
  • Protect your skin when you dye your hair: dab a layer of Vaseline on your hair line. It prevents your skin from getting dyed the same color as your hair.
  • Prevent chafing: wherever you’re chafing, add a little of this substance for instant relief

Thank you for the information: Women’s Health, Good Housekeeping, & peers. 

Cover photo via Make up Martini

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