Trend of the Week: Snapback to Sexy


By Jadée Nikita

Ah, the snapback.  The perfect accessory for a bad hair day, or when you wanna just swag it out.  But did you know this coveted headpiece also pairs perfectly with a sexy blouse, jeans and pump?  You got the image in your head?  Cute, right!  I was browsing through Pinterest one night and came across a gorgeous photo of a girl wearing a plunging, jet black, halter leotard with a black New Era snapback and thought, wow!  The juxtaposition of femininity and masculinity perfectly sums up the fashion trends going on in the current commercial dance world.  You want to be sexy but still be able to hang with the boys, too.

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Triple Threat Dance Leotard $68 / New York Yankees MLB Visor Real Graffiti 59FIFTY Cap $36 / LE SILLA Leather Gladiator Boots $834 / MANGO Medium denim shorts $50 / LA Dodgers Snapback $35 / TOPSHOP Seam V Bralet $40 / Thick Drop Crotch Prisoner Trousers $616 / Dr. Martens 1460 Boots $159

Cover photo via Pinterest
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